And this week I was ill …

Okay I wasn’t very ill.  I had a heavy head cold.  It is years since I have succumbed so completely to a cold virus.  I usually have the first symptoms and then recover.  Not this time: headache, itchy throat, dripping nose intermittently with blocked sinuses, temperature.  More paracetamol consumed over the last three days than in the previous three years.

But I cannot lie in bed because I have someone to look after.  He needs his clothes preparing, he needs meals, he needs drinks, he needs his supplements, he needs exercise, he needs the television sorting, he needs a shower, he needs to attend his swimming lessons.  Unfortunately Tuesday is our shopping day so that had to be tackled too as there was no food in the house by lunchtime.

I did cancel taking our granddaughter out on Tuesday afternoon. She didn’t need this virus.  I also cancelled my evening out with my knitting group.  They didn’t need it either.

So I have been mainly at home with my concerned husband looking up and adding helpfully, I think you might have a cold.  Half an hour later, I think you might have a cold.  Half an hour later, by way of variation I might have, you don’t look very well.  Half an hour later, I think you might have a cold.  He means well.  I smile and agree.

I so want to go to bed with a hot water bottle, a mug of hot drink, a good book and stay there.  But I got a hug today for taking him to his swimming lesson.  Followed by, you feel hot, do you think you might be unwell.

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